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Hebrew High

Dear Teens and Families,

Congregation B'nai Israel and I are pleased to invite you to participate in the tenth year of our Hebrew High School, a program for teens that includes students of our own congregation and the larger surrounding community. We look forward to sharing the fun that starts this fall with you!!      



5 for all nine evenings, including pizza & salad dinners, and special treats.



Being a teenager in America means to be confronted with many choices when it comes to relationships, identity, and responsibility. We have the gift of a tradition that develops and responds to each new generation, one that begins with seeing oneself as a Jew who has the resources of a community to guide him or her, a Torah whose meanings are continually developed, and teachers who care. 


On each of our Wednesday nights, from 6:00-7:30 pm, we'll dive into one issue by using multiple platforms of modern media - film, websites, texts and blogs--to figure out our response to issues of the day including politics, health, food, relationships, Israel, and values. The goal of our readings, debates, and discussions is to learn the Jewish approach to how we live our lives and influence society in 21st century America.   

Our instructors bring innovative ideas and experiences to share with you, crazy games and new concepts to challenge your thinking. This year we will be using our well-proven model of discussion: in small groups we will delve into a topic's meaning, figure out why there might be a Jewish issue within it, see how others think and respond, and have some fun with it through games, films, articles, and debates.





MetroWest Federation Links Us to Israel Interactive


Israel continues to be a source of inspiration for American Jewish families. But it is hard to see Israel from the Somerset Hills if one only glimpses Israel as it is portrayed in the news. Now, using a combined media and personal-sharing approach called Israel Interactive, we can share the stories of the people who founded Israel, who populate Israel today, and who are our teenagers' peers.  


To deepen the appreciation for Israel our Hebrew High School also offers: 


  • Discussions on selected Wednesdays with the Jewish Federation's Israeli resource Shaliach (representative).


  • The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life's Jewish Learning Service will link you to teen-run social action projects around New Jersey. Take a look at their website





Our teen led BBYO (B'nai Brith Youth Organization) is an independent youth group for 9th - 12th grades which creates its own programs, dinners, trips, parties and discussion groups - many of which are held right here at CBI. It’s led by Students, and their adult liaison is our member, Janice Zucker. To Email Click Here


Ashrei Leaders and Torah Readers



Help your congregation by reading a short portion of Torah once during the year, or by chanting the leader's lines for the call-and-response Ashrei prayer that is said each Saturday and Sunday. We'll coach you so you'll bring "nachas" (pride) to your family and joy to the congregation! We welcome readers of all levels of experience; so, please RSVP when Hazzan-Cantor Brian Kalver calls you!


If you need quiet tuition assistance for the Hebrew High School registration or BBYO events, please let us know






Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781